In part 1 of our new series for Busy Realtors we unpack what needs to happen from contract to close.

Congrats!  You just got another offer accepted!  Time to sit back, take it easy and count down the clock until Closing Day…right?  Not so fast.  Now is when the real work begins, the dreaded “paper” work.  Busy Realtors know a signed contract is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s the starting line.  Busy Realtors also know that there’s only one way to get to the finish line, yet there are many hurdles to clear along the way.

Contracts need to be double and triple checked to make sure all of the signatures plus supporting documents are included.  Broker procedures and office procedures need to be followed to turn in the contract.

MLS forms need to be sent and listing status needs to be changed.  Commission Agreements, Buyer Brokerage and Affiliated Business Disclosures need to get sent and signed.  Depending on the situation; Attorneys, Lenders and Co-ops involved will need introductions and contracts.

Don’t forget the deadlines for inspections, appraisal and loan paperwork.  Tracking the status of everything and notifying parites of the results takes almost constant communication.

What if something changes and requires an amendment?  OK, best case is you’ve cleared all of the hurdles so far and got a few winks of sleep along the way.

Now we’re in the “home” stretch and we are clear to close!  Yeah!  You can almost see the finish line.

Closing needs to be scheduled, parties notified, directions and wiring instructions need to be confirmed.  Verify Attorneys, Lenders and your Broker have all the required documents.

Request the Settlement Statement, send closing reminders and cross the finish line!

Busy Realtors should be Busy showing property, not chasing paperwork or statuses.  That’s where we come in.  The Churchwell Group not only saves Realtors time, but we save deals.  Instead of running themselves ragged, Realtors pass the baton to us.  Our dedicated staff takes care of everything once that contract is signed.  We provide constant updates so nothing slips through the cracks and we do it all for reasonable prices!



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