Recent Interviews with Amanda Churchwell

Interview #1 - REL Freedom We are SO excited to share this Exclusive Interview with our very own Amanda Churchwell!! Don't miss her brilliant insights on Building & Growing a Strong Team, and...

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Ways to Support Your Team Remotely

We have a question for you.  As many of us adjust to the new home office “status quo”…is anyone missing their team?!   The meaningful conversations between meetings, the spontaneous one-on-one...

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10 Zoom Tips and Tricks You May Not Know

Across the country, many of us are doing our best to work from home.  Maybe you've tried working while your little one takes an afternoon nap (on you), or maybe you've locked yourself in your home...

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2020 Real Estate Predictions

Find out what trends are coming in 2020. Last year, 2019 was a great year in Real Estate.  Median home prices went up to $316,000—a record high!1   Can we expect the same in 2020?  Take a look a the...

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Busy Realtor’s Guide: Contract to Close

In part 1 of our new series for Busy Realtors we unpack what needs to happen from contract to close. Congrats!  You just got another offer accepted!  Time to sit back, take it easy and count down...

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Customer Experience

How much thought goes into the customer experience you provide?  Not just customer service, but the whole relationship experience? Earlier this month, I received customer experience beyond anything...

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EntreLeadership Momentum Award

On the very first day of EntreLeadership Master Series in 2018 - I wrote this note/challenge to myself listing out a couple goals: A little over a year later, EntreLeadership presented me with the...

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